Difference between pests and diseases

Sometimes identify pests and diseases could be tough, especially for first-time farmers. You can easily notice crops attacked by pests and those affected by diseases only if you are keen enough. It’s good to know the difference so that when dealing with the problem, you know the appropriate solution.

Checking up on your crops regularly makes you identify a problem early enough so as to prevent too much damage from occurring. If you happen to notice holes in a cabbage, that is because of worms and not a disease. You can check under the leaves and see if there are eggs.

If you notice a spot on the leaf, just use fungicides and also remove the affected parts to prevent the disease from spreading. It is that simple; there is nothing difficult when differentiating between the two.

Be observant, and you won’t fail to notice when there is a problem with your crops; if this happens and you don’t know how to do it, just don’t give up keep on learning.

Methods of Pest Control