Methods of Pest Control

The use of pesticides is not the only method to control pests, and it should always be the last option after all the available options are exhausted (rentox). There are various methods or actions that can be taken around the home and the community to control pests, and usually, these actions relate to healthy living and maintaining cleanliness. Below are some of the methods of pest control.

Maintain hygiene

  • Keeping houses and yard clean ensures that no food for pests to eat or a place for them to breed. The various ways you can practice hygiene at homes include;

  • Cleaning up after all meals. Put food leftovers in a closed bin, and wash the utensils ( Also, ensure that all the rubbish is put in the container and the floors are clean free from any food scrap. The point is even if you use pesticides and do not maintain hygiene, the pests will return in no time, and you will be forced to repeat the entire process.

Biological methods

These methods include the use of natural enemies of pests and interfere with their ability to breed biologically. The two possible biological methods you can use include;

  • The use of native Australian fish to eat the mosquito larvae in the water bodies.

  • You can also use dung beetle. This will break down and bury faeces so that pests have nowhere to breed.

Biological methods in some situations have failed and have also succeeded in some cases. An example of where biological methods successfully controlled pests is when BTI was used to control mosquito larvae. BTI produces bacteria that are poisonous to the mosquito larvae. Therefore, adding BTI to a water body will ensure that the mosquito larva is killed and their number reduced.

In summary, pest control can be achieved using different methods, with the most common being using pesticides. However, people forget that pests breed where there is food scraps and standing water and they could get rid of them by only maintain hygiene. Therefore, maintaining hygiene and using biological methods are some of the cheapest and safe methods to control pests.

Methods of Pest Control