Aetna is one of the largest providers of Aetna Medicare Advantage insurance in the United States. Because of this, it was named to receive a “Best Place to Work” award by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling. The organization claims this as a sign of how Aetna has performed with its responsibility of operating and maintaining a healthy workplace environment.

As mentioned, Aetna has received this award due to the best practices they have implemented in maintaining a healthy working environment. The details of the award are:

“Aetna was named Best Place to Work in May 2020, as well as the insurance giant’s second straight honor from the Florida Business & Commerce Association. According to the FDCA, the company meets all business and consumer responsibilities.”

What is a good example of what Aetna Medicare Advantage achieves in this area? Aetna achieves this by requiring each and every employee to complete at least 80 hours of public service. Each and every employee will do something for the community, whether it be volunteer work or charitable contributions.

For example, C-span is the Cedar Rapids area’s non-profit agency for senior citizens, which provides free home care for seniors who would otherwise not be able to afford it. So, every employee in the Aetna family is required to do something for the community.

Cedar Rapids itself has lots of volunteer opportunities for helping out. Cedar Rapids youth baseball is a great example. All local high school baseball teams are required to take part in community baseball games, to help raise money for many deserving causes.

So, if you are an Aetna employee, what better way to prove your commitment to the community than by helping out at the Cedar Rapids Little League? It is a great family activity that the whole family can enjoy and at the same time, raise money for a worthy cause.

If you are a parent and want to help out, consider taking the kids to the Cedar Riverside ballpark and showing up to play the part of community organizer. You can also become involved in a team, as well as some volunteer work. If you enjoy baseball, then finding a baseball game you can attend and participate in is a great idea.

Once your children get involved, consider getting your children to a parent-teacher day at your child’s local elementary school, at least once, and tell them what Aetna means to you. Not only is it a great way to gain children’s confidence, but also give them the opportunity to learn about community building and how to contribute to it.

Another good example of how Aetna manages their work environment is through the written work of their business handbook. You should be sure to read through your own Aetna business handbook at least twice, even if you are not an Aetna member.

Every employee should make a point of reviewing this section at least once a year. This section should be considered by all employees, as it outlines all the policy changes and key facts that affect them and all of the important legal and employment information that is part of this type of contract.

It is very important that everyone understands these policies in writing before signing an Aetna Medicare Advantage contract. Not understanding it can make a great deal of difference when it comes to a claim for disability coverage.